Apps and the Mobile Website from ICIWorld display listings, Haves and Wants on behalf of members for the public to see.

They display contact information, phone numbers, EMail, and provide direct links to member’s websites that generates traffic for members websites.

This is networking on a world scale all in the palm of your hand for any and everyone interested in real estate and business opportunities world wide. Members just have to place info and keep their listings less than 90 days old.

This is the mobile website:


Everyone should find what they want literally within 60 seconds or call us. 1-877-272-1721.

Add this link as a shortcut on the home screen of your phone, mobile device. This is the ICIWorld mobile website.

ICIWorld Apps for iPhone’s, and Android’s
On an iPhone or Android, go to the App or Play Store.

Search for iciworld
Install it
ICIWorld is unlimited advertising and networking all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world . . . all year long . . . for basically the cost of one newspaper ad for one day.

The readership is people from 138 countries. See Statistics.

What do the ICIWorld Apps and the ICIWorld mobile site display?
It is 30,000+ contacts for real estate opportunities and information . . . at your fingertips. Complete with contact names and numbers, EMail and links to members websites. This is lead generation from the Internet for members websites.

It is access to exclusive information not on real estate boards and the people who have the contacts.

75% of the listings, Haves and Wants are not on real estate boards, unique on ICIWorld, displayed in Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO Area.

There are 50-150 new listings, Haves and Wants daily being added.

Search Daily for new listings, Have and Wants in your city. This is for the public and the real estate industry . . . world wide.

It is results within 60 seconds from anywhere in the world in the palm of your hand.

There are now more mobile devices on the planet than there are humans over 7 billion. People use their mobile devices five times more than a computer. This is not to say everyone on the planet has a phone. About half, 3.5 billion have an average of two phones each.

It is built for real estate brokers and salespeople to network with the world and to have the world network with them. See the deals being done.

Your listings, Haves and Wants must be less than 90 days old to appear on the ICIWorld Apps World Wide. This is the default setting.

We recommend you update your listings every 31-60 days and in no event let your listings go longer than 90 days old otherwise they are not displayed in the ICIWorld Apps. There is an Age Field where people can search older listings but the habit is they do not. Only Active Status Listings less than 90 days old are getting the action. 2015-2016 is the year that ICIWorld Apps are getting rolled out into the marketplace as more and more people learn about it.

You can now gain access to thousands of Haves and Wants at your fingertips!

To get the newest listings . . . search the Latest.
You can quickly search for Haves and/or Wants for virtually any kind of real estate anywhere in the world. If it is not there, place your Have or Want.
You can finally have real estate Have and Want information with contact names, phone numbers, email address’, and websites in your pocket ready to access at your fingertips!
The membership database is there so you can look up other members and see their area of specialty and market area, with links to their website.
Don’t forget to make sure you p1lace your information so it can be networked worldwide throughout the industry! Don’t be a secret agent, get your information where the world can access it.
Here’s a few ways you can get the App today:
Visit the Google Play store or iTunes on your smart device, search ICIWorld and install it!
Or send this link to your Android device and choose install
Visit either link below and choose install
For Windows tablets, Blackberry’s, and all devices you can use the html 5 version of the ICIWorld App.
To access the html 5 mobilized version of the ICIWorld app click here!

It is information at your fingertips.


This is the new Internet revolution in the real estate industry getting a mobilized website so that all your customers can search your mobile website for listings, Haves and Wants from their own mobile device.

What is special is:

the three major world networks of listings that ICIWorld builds into your website.
the special way we structure the listings on your behalf so that people have to call you for more information
It is like having the classified ads of a newspaper on your website in a way that YOU get the calls!

This is Lead Generation.

Now if you already have a website, then you can add the ICIWorld listings, Haves and Wants to YOUR website. We call them ICIWorld Widgets, Sparkplugs for a Real Estate Website. CLICK HERE TO ORDER AND SEE SAMPLES.

If you are in real estate today and do not have a mobilized website yourself you are missing out. From ICIWorld they are as little as $16.50. Your customers and clients and using mobile devices. We provide a turnkey solution for a mobilized websites.

For a Mobile Website CLICK HERE TO ORDER AND SEE SAMPLES Ask for demo absolutely no obligation.

They are free for one month and then if you want to keep it, they are $199 per year (at this time of writing April/2016) ie: $16.50/month. You can have one up and running ready to serve the public ready to make money. Just make an appointment with us.

This is one of the most powerful tools of the Internet and anyone real estate broker or salesperson in the world who does not have one is simply missing out. They are tailored for your market area and specialties. And we show you how to go in and make changes. Training and support provided.

Gary Nusca, CCIM