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ICIWorld specializes in exclusive real estate opportunities not available on real estate boards.

There are Four Ways For The Public To Make A Connection.
Otherwise, you can easily be missing finding an opportunity and not realize it.

Search Database 1

FREE TO SEARCH FOR EVERYONE. IT IS LIKE CLASSIFIED ADS IN A NEWSPAPER. Only real estate brokers and salespeople may join and place ads in ICIWorld’s Database 1 the ultimate in real estate networking on the Internet. Install the ICIWorld App on your mobile device.

Search over 15,000 Have and Want ads placed by broker and salesperson Executive Members complete with contact information! Unlimited Haves and Wants for members.

SEARCH Real Estate Worldwide FREE
On all mobile phones:

Add this link as a shortcut to your phone screen. Install the iciworld App for Androids, iPhones Click on Search at It is real estate information . . . at your fingertips. The form used to search on the new mobile site and the ICIWorld Apps replace the following websites for searching.
Our question to you is, which do you prefer?

Click on our older designed websites which still have updated information daily:

ICIWorld Search Matrix for the World
  • The new form (2016) for searching allows you to choose how far back you wish to search.
  • ICIWorld has 30,000+ contacts for exclusive listings that many find still very useful for contact and networking purposes.
  • However if you only wish to search the latest ones use the Age Field to choose how far back you wish to search.

Database 2 FSBO Area (For Sale By Owner)

Search over 15,000 Have and Want ads placed by the public free. Limited View. Details. Contact Information available and circulated to Executive Members only. You must contact a member for more information on any item in Database 2 FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Area. A lot of business is being done. The advantage for the public is that you can find out about more opportunities in the marketplace not available elsewhere.


When you place information in Database 2 FSBO Area, the subject line of your listing will not appear to the public until we have approved it. This takes from 5 minutes to 48 hours. Your contact information will only be available to members of ICIWorld who are all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople and mortgage brokers.

See real estate brokers on ICIWorld who are providing the ultimate in cutting edge technology and worldwide marketing on ICIWorld. Check their websites for more information and to choose an Executive Member to work with.

Add Haves and Wants Free For The Public into Database 2 FSBO Area.

If a broker member or salesperson has a buyer or seller for what you Have or Want would you like them to contact you?

Haves are the properties for sale and for lease. Wants are what people are looking for. If a member has a potential buyer for your property would you like them to contact you? If a member has a property that matches the description of what you are looking for, would you like them to let you know about it? Would you like one of our members to call you if they find what you are looking for . . . OR . . . if they have a buyer for your property?


You can search Database 2 FSBO Area.

For more information on any item in Database 2 FSBO Area, you must contact an Executive Member.

Notes on Adding Haves and Wants:

  • The subject line has a maximum number of characters of 160. We recommend placing a general location, type of property, and a price in the subject line only. There is a comments area that is unlimited where you can enter more information if you wish. Enter as much or as little information as you wish.
  • For Wants you must place the word Wanted at the beginning of the subject line.
  • Your ad should appear from 1-24 hours, otherwise give us a call 1-877-272-1721 North America.
  • If you are a real estate broker or salesperson who is not a member of ICIWorld and you have some exclusive real estate information, you are invited to add it free.
  • Only Executive Members of ICIWorld have access to the contact information in Database 2 FSBO Area. This also helps to protect the public.
  • We recommend everyone to eventually place all your information in Database 1 for the ultimate in worldwide marketing exposure. It is like a global world classified information service. This requires an Executive Membership and one must be a broker or salesperson. A buyer or seller can and should place information through a member or get your real estate representative to join on your behalf. You should insist on it or you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.
  • The public can add information free in Database 2 FSBO Area but ultimately it is recommended to place their information through a broker or salesperson member for the maximum in world wide exposure in Database 1. See circulation, distribution and readership.
  • Search for an Executive Member by location, specialties, language, and more. Each member helps to create wealth through real estate for every single buyer and seller. 90% of the millionaires in the world made it through real estate. Our members help.
  • Is there business being done? See testimonials.

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  • 200 EMail List Servers to choose from.
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  • The benefit for all is that you will be notified of properties coming for sale, exclusive properties not on real estate boards, providing more opportunities that are not on real estate boards.
  • All listings, Haves and Wants are serviced by registered real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada.
  • Commercial AND Residential

Search For An Executive Member

Members are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada and the World. They also help to protect the public in many ways because they are licensed and must adhere to rules of conduct and ethics and are accountable.

Place your information with an Executive Member of ICIWorld. They can provide the ultimate in marketing on the Internet because not only do they have other great networking services but now they also have ICIWorld. A world service since 1994.

There are over 3.7 billion people using the Internet. Place your information with a member.

Worldwide Marketing Exposure by members reaches people:

  • in 138+ countries monthly
  • 8,000 users in 2016 of mobile website, 15,000 ini 2017. and ICIWorld Apps for iPhones and Androids. Doubled in 2017
  • advertising on major real estate trade publications for and ICIWorld Apps reaches 300,000 people monthly for people to search and make connections for your listings on ICIWorld.
  • listings appear on 1,500+ other brokers websites each one with its own volume of website traffic
  • 30,000-40,000 unique IP addresses are recorded monthly and is as close as we can get to people traffic, about 2,000,000 hits per month.
  • 20.000+/- EMails deliver listings, Haves and Wants daily to the public and the real estate industry.
  • read the testimonials of some members doing deals. CLICK ON TESTIMONIALS AT THE TOP.

Members help you in real estate to create wealth and achieve your goals through real estate. 90% of the millionaires in the world made it through real estate and they use real estate brokers and salespeople for advice and contacts because of the major networks that they have to make connections.

On any day, hundreds, thousands of buyers are driving around with real estate salespeople looking at property.

Search members by company, area, specialties and types of property, language spoken, and more.

Or get your real estate broker or salesperson to join ICIWorld to place your property Have or Want on your behalf and then your information is working on the world scene 24/7 taking full advantage of the Internet otherwise you can be missing doing deals and not realize it.