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Search 5,000+ Active real estate and business listings, Have and Want ads. Only members can access all 15,000+ Have and Want contacts. Placed by real estate brokers and salespeople, Executive Members of ICIWorld complete with contact information! 75% of the information is exclusive, not on any other service. Register for a monthly Webinar to learn why. It is free.
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75% of Listings, Haves Wants are Exclusive

75% of the commercial 30,000+ Listings, Haves and Wants on ICIWorld are unique & exclusive not on real estate boards. The advantage for the public, buyers and sellers, is that more information becomes available not available elsewhere. This expands opportunities for real estate brokers to serve the public. CLICK HERE to see deals being done by brokers working exclusive information.

Circulation, Distribution, Readership


  • marketing and networking with people locally and from 138 countries
  • on mobile phones being marketed industry wide, world wide.
  • on ICIWorld mobile Apps for iPhones, Androids. One person sees your listing and calls you.
  • 20,000+/- EMails deliver listings all year long to subscribers . . . daily. One person sees your listing and calls you.
  • listings, Haves and Wants appear on over 1,000 other brokers websites each of whom does extensive marketing on their own. One person sees your listing and the other broker does a referral with you.
  • marketing of on the front page and in industry trade publications brings people to your listings. One person sees your listing and you get the call. Reaching readdership 300,000+ people
  • thousands of brochures are handed out throughout the year at trade shows, expositions,  real estate conferences, industry events, conferences, meetings, and more. One person sees you listing and you get the call.
  • people install the App and they always have it to search real estate. They see your listing and call you.
  • there are 3.5 billion people using the Internet. Any one can see the info.
  • information is maintained 24 hours per day 7 days per week on over 18,000 places on the Internet.
  • presence on social media reminding people to search regularly for new listings.

Listings are not deleted for five years. Use age field. Mobile Apps are set to 90 days. Search Latest daily.


Everyone including the public can search the 5,000+ Active Status Listings in Database 1. Only paid Executive Members have access to all 15,000+ contacts in Database 1 and 15.000+ contacts in Database 2 FSBO’s.

Contact a member for info on any listing.

Inactive and Expired Listings in Database 1 are “stored inventory” used regularly for contact and daily networking purposes. Many brokers would not have done deals if listings were arbitrarily deleted after 3 months. Deals after three years have been done here both on the listings themselves and on other properties not on the service because the people networked with each other, discussed other opportunities not on the service and went off and did a deal. It was ICIWorld that provided the opportunity for them to meet. Commercial brokers regularly check older listings for contacts to network and do business with.

  • The buildings are still there.
  • The contacts are usually available.
  • Only the circumstances have changed. In some cases they are better today or available.
  • It is the people contacts that are important. But the people, the brokers and salespeople, usually still have the contacts to the people who are the buyers and sellers.
  • The value is in the networking opportunities with the people that these listings identify.
  • All members have a wealth of contacts with people who want to own and buy real esate and businesses.
  • Plant the seeds of success by talking with them developing good business relationships with them
  • Make your wishes known through them.
  • They can place your Haves and Wants here on ICIWorld for the ultimate in world wide exposure.
  • See the deals being done by networking opportunities by seeing 50 pages of testimonials unique on ICIWorld, not on real estate boards.

Simply make a choice using the Age Field to search as little or as far back as you wish.

For those who only want to search listings less than 30 days old such as most residential people you can do so by selecting the Age Field and choose 30-90 days.

Don’t be secret agent. Get your information working 24/7 while you are doing other things.