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Database 1 With Business Opportunity Key Words

  • Quick Way – Select Key Word and search.
  • If your key word does not appear there is a text field you can type in any keyword and search for type of business.
  • Also there is a Business Opportunities Business Category.
  • Search 5,000+ Active real estate listings, Have and Want ads. Only members can access all 15,000+ Have and Want contacts.
  • Placed by real estate brokers and salespeople, Executive Members of ICIWorld complete with contact information!
  • 50% of the information is exclusive, not on any other service. Register for a monthly Webinar to learn why. It is free.

For The Public. More information becomes available not on real estate boards, unique on ICIWorld. Select a member for the best of both worlds, real estate board listings AND exclusive opportunities. Click on For the Public.

50% of Listings, Haves Wants are Exclusive

  • 50% of the Residential Listings, Haves and Wants on ICIWorld are unique & exclusive not on real estate boards.
  • The advantage for the public, buyers and sellers, is that more information becomes available not available elsewhere.
  • This expands opportunities for real estate brokers to serve the public.

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Receive Exclusive Listings, Haves and Wants by EMail

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Use the Age Field to set how far back you wish to search. Search 50-150 latest new ones daily.


  • Many people just search the latest listings daily up to 50-150 new ones daily and do business.
  • However there are many deals done by people networking with members who are identified in the older listings.
  • The mobile site and Apps are set to 90 days displaying Active Listings Only. Use the AGE Field to search as little or as far back as you wish. With Advanced Searches use the DATE Field.
  • 50% of deals were done on listings Listings, Haves and Wants from 90 days to 3 years old because of networking that members and others do.
  • Older listings are used for networking and contact purposes.
    • After 90 days, the buildings are still there!
    • The people hopefully are still there and have the contacts for buyers and sellers!
    • Only the circumstances have changed.
    • They may be better today than before.
    • Develop a good business relationship with the people
    • explore other opportunities not on ICIWorld.
    • Because they deal in this price range and/or business category they may know of and have contacts or other opportunities not on the service
    • plant the seeds of success by letting them know about your Have or Want. If they find what you are looking for, would you like them to call you? Now and in the future?
    • The listings identify people with whom you may be able to do business.

Simply make a choice using the Age Field to search as little or as far back as you wish.

For those who only want to search listings less than 30 days old such as most residential people you can do so by selecting the Age Field and choose 30-90 days.

Don’t be secret agent. Get your information working 24/7 while you are doing other things.